A bit is a tool and as such comes in many designs and sizes to meet the needs of the horse, rider and the discipline being ridden.  Here at Bombers we make possibly the most extensive range in the world. Some of the bits can be used for most applications, while others may only be used in one unique situation. It is our intention to get you the right bit for you and your horse.

There are a few things you need to do before choosing a bit:

  • Make sure that the horse doesn’t have any mouth, back or neck problems. No bit will help if the horse is experiencing pain or discomfort in these areas.
  • Measure your horse’s mouth. Getting the right size of bit is as important as getting the right bit. We do provide sizing guides with all of our bits, which also give common sizes of specific breeds.

The next step in deciding on a bit would be the choice of mouthpiece. This is best achieved by using our colour coding system. This allows you to first narrow the selection by behaviour that your horse is displaying, then to a specific mouthpiece and then to a cheekpieces used in a specific discipline.