Loose Ring Lock Up

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The Loose Ring allows for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse's mouth.

The Lock Up snaffle removes the nut cracker action of the conventional snaffle, meaning it will bear less pressure on the horse's bars. The Lock Up is therefore a softer option, than a conventional snaffle, although it still applies tongue and bar pressure when the reins are taken up.


Loose Ring Lock Up
Breed Mouth Width 1 4
Bit Adjustment 2 Bit Width 3 4
Arab 115 mm (4½") 5 mm + 5 mm  125 mm (5")
Austrailian Stock Horse 120 mm (4¾")  130 mm (5⅛")
American Quarter Horse 120 mm (4¾")  130 mm (5⅛")
Thoroughbred (15h-15.3h) 120 mm (4¾")  130 mm (5⅛")
Thoroughbred (16h+) 125 mm (5")  135 mm (5¼")
Warmblood 125 mm (5")  135 mm (5¼")
Large Warmblood 130 mm (5⅛")  140 mm (5½")
Other MMS  MMS + 10 mm
1 The measured width of a horse's mouth (from corner to corner with no wrinkles) rounded up to the nearest 5mm. These are typical values for the breed. MMS = Measured Mouth Size. Click here for more information on measuring your horse's mouth
2 Factors to be added to the measured width of a horse's mouth to ensure the bit width is calculated correctly. This varies depending on the mouthpiece and cheekpiece of the bit. For this bit add 5 mm for a loose ring cheek piece, to allow for space between the ring and the horse's lip, eliminating a possible pressure point and pinching. For Barrel or Lock Up mouthpieces only add 5 mm as these mechanisms limit the nut cracker action.
3 The width of the bit for a optimal fit, taking into account its components and the width of the horse's mouth. If calculating a bit width based upon a previously purchased Bomber bit, please make sure all relevant adjustments for differences in cheek and mouth pieces are adhered too.
4 Measurements in inches are approximate.

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Hi! My horse hates pressure on his tongue. I normally ride him with the loose ring happy tongue bit. This works well. He chomps a little bit too much on it, but his tongue stays inside his mouth and the contact on the rains are good. He can get at bit "dead/heavy" in the hand sometimes, but worse if he is ridden in another bit. I want to change to something dressage legal. What do you think about the loose ring lock-up bit? Maybe he will like an eggbutt ring, but I haven't tried that. It offers better stability but I guess he might get even heavier with an eggbutt. I might be wrong... Or if you have another recommendation. :)

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Hi Mia, The Lock Up was always our first choice for horse's sensitive to tongue pressure, but we have more options available to us now. I recommend trying the Eggbutt Ported Barrel, which is now legal under the FEI. This will still give your horse the tongue relief he is looking for, but it will also not feel quiet as dead because the mouth piece is jointed and allows for more movement. I would prefer to stay with Loose Rings, but the Ported Barrel is only legal with Eggbutt or Drop Cheek cheek pieces. Regards, Claire@Bombers