FEI Approved Bits

We are proud to announce that our two recent innovations, The Loose Ring Flexible Mullen as well as the Ultra Comfy Lock Up have both been formally approved by the FEI.

 The Loose Ring Flexible Mullen is an option for dressage and particularly for the horse that objects to metal and has sensitive tongue issues.


The Loose Ring Ultra Comfy Lock Up is an option for dressage and the very sensitive mouthed horses. 
The shape is such that it follows the contour of the horse’s tongue.  The centre joint has been double locked to ensure that the angle over the tongue remains correct, even when the reins are taken up, but it retains the individual lateral aids. 
The Ultra comfy has a generous curve, to follow the shape of the horse’s mouth.  We have found that the need for softer bits has been growing, as breeding has been producing finer and more sensitive horses.


We are however disheartened to inform you that the original Dressage Control Plate approval has recently been withdrawn by the FEI. 
Our alternative to the Dressage Control Plate would be our Comfy Elliptical Dressage.

The Comfy Elliptical Dressage spreads pressure over the tongue.  The mouth pieces are curved comfy to soften the bar pressure.  The mouth pieces and lozenge are ground flat to distribute the pressure evenly over tongue and bars, which together with the offset links further reduce pressure points.  

This will allow for a more accepted and relaxed contact, the horse will draw its head back and tuck its chin in, finding a better balance of control.


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like more information. 
Our bitting consultant can be contacted via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.