About Gavin Chaplin and Horse Training & Riding Video Tutorials

I'm Gavin Chaplin, creator and visionary of - a website to provide information and tutorials on all things equine!

I have ridden all my life and have been lucky enough to work for some of the top horsemen in the world, in their chosen discipline. The ideas gleaned from these incredible horsemen have had a big influence on the methods I use to train horses.

Coaching & Vidoes...

For years now I have been coaching my methods to people all over the world. Through this coaching I have found that the use of videos has been instrumental in helping students see where their mistakes lie.

I gradually started putting these videos into a semblance of order and found myself, time and again, passing them on. That was the start of the idea to put it all onto one site, so that it would be available to anyone who could access the internet.

That idea has slowly grown into reality and here we finally are, with a live website.

Specialists & Interviews...

Obviously, along the way, I have met some very interesting people who are specialists in their chosen equine fields. Many have been gracious enough to let me interview them and to share this information on the website.

Bomber Nel - Bitting Expert

Gradually my goals have changed, and my aim now, is to make into a site where you can get great information on just about any equine topic.

Some of this information might fly in the face of current ideas, but good debate and discussion of new ideas is a good thing.

Good viewing and best regards,

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