What bit for a horse that leans on bit?

My horse is a 9yr old TB whom I event. He leans on the bit and drops his head down low when we gallop or canter, he pulls my reins out of my hand. I need him to pick his head / neck up. He is in a 5inch french link. When i first put it in his mouth he sort of does squirm away, but not badly, probably just because it's cold ...

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I think he will be happier in a McHardy mouth piece, which offers tongue relief, but because it has a roller in the centre, it will  also apply tongue pressure, encouraging him to pick his head up, and bring his chin in.  With more information we can decide whether this is correct.
The cheek pieces will largely depend on your preference.  We would suggest the Williams cheek piece, it gives you two rein options, as well as providing a solid feel again your horse’s face.

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He certainly isn't as heady or fiddly as he was and doesn't pull his head down to the floor, I think it's good. - 5 years ago
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