Bit for powerful, yet soft mouthed horse.

My horse is very powerful, but has an incredibly soft mouth. I got him about a month ago and was riding him in a 2ring elevator bit, but I felt like he would sit behind the bit and not accept it. When I would take a feel, he would bounce up and down rather than come back, even while I had leg on. I then switched him to a happy mouth shaped dee, which he definitely accepted and held more, but now I feel like I have less breaks. I've done loads of research and have mostly found suggestions of a duo bit, a combination bit, or a nathe Mullen mouth.
What do you think??

Posted in Showjumping & Hunter, asked by Kennedy Eaton , 2 years ago. 537 hits.


Hi Kennedy
You are correct, your horse is showing signed of a soft mouth and we will need to remove pressure, however, firstly what was in the mouth of the 2 Ring Elevator? What breed is he and what discipline are you riding in, also where are you based? Then we will be able to respond with more suggestions.

Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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