Jumping bit for sensitive OTTB

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We had Dee come out and fit my tongue-sensitive OTTB with a loose ring lock up snaffle that he goes really well in for dressage, however I have found that he needs something a little more for jumping. He tends to 'lock on' to the jump and throw his head up and rush, and can be quite difficult to bring back afterwards. He also bulges out and drifts, making turns and control before and after the fence difficult.
After he injured his mouth in a paddock accident, I rode him in a hackamore which he showed a lot more respect but sacrificed a lot in directional control. For the moment we have reverted back to his loose ring french link snaffle for jumping, and save the lock up purely for dressage, however would really like something that is comfortable for him without losing the ability to stop or turn while on course. Is there a bit you would recommend for him to use in SJ and XC? Or would it better to organise for someone to come out and see him go to make a recommendation?

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Hi Gemma,

It is great that your horse is now settled in the Dressage!

When the horse gets more excited, or feels more pressure, their resistances get bigger, this is why he is much less settled in the Show Jumping.

I suggest a Williams Happy Tongue for both show jumping and cross country. The Williams cheek piece will back up the turning aids, as well as giving you options for more or less pressure. The Happy Tongue mouth piece will give him tongue relief, which is what he is seeking. The tongue relief will allow him to accept the contact without throwing his head up.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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