Loose ring ultra comfy lock up

I recently brought a loose ring ultra comfy lock up snaffle from you for my tb mare who is 5 years old and leans and opens her mouth. The bit has made the world of difference but someone I ride with has told me she fiddles and plays with the bit and that person find this quite concerning. She only seems to do this when she is walking on a loose rein which my first thought was that she is either bored or enjoying the sweet iron. I just wanted to make sure there isn't something else going on. Other than that she is going so much better in it and seems more relaxed throughout her jaw head-neck area.

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Hi Lara,

I am so happy to hear your girl is going so much better in the Ultra Comfy Lock Up. I wouldn't worry too much about her fidgeting, as long as it is only in the walk, and not when you are asking anything of her. If it wasn't the right bit for her, you would find that she would be resisting it when you take up the contact.

It could be that the sweet iron is a new experience for her, and fidgeting with it when you aren't asking anything of her, is her way of processes the new sensations.

If the fidgeting gets any worse, or she starts to do it at other times, then perhaps we would need to look at something different for her.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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