Could a Happy Tongue work for my horse?

I currently ride my horse in a Mylar D-ring. She is 17 years old and is a show jumper. I have tried a variety of bits- rubber mullen, Stubben easy control snaffle but the Mylar has been the best. However, she will be going nicely when she will suddenly pull her head up and shake and also put her head down and yank me forward. She also chews on the bit like she is trying to spit it out and I have noticed she tries to keep her tongue to one side. She is quite a forward moving horse and I have had people tell me she needs a stronger bit and also a very gentle bit as she is very sensitive. Having just found out about Happy Tongue Bits, I wonder if this could be a good option for her.

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Thanks Claire, Is there a particular one you would recommend? - Ella 3 years ago


Hi Ella,

I believe you are correct, the Happy Tongue would be a good choice for your mare.

Heard shaking and pulling the reins out of your hands are both signs of tongue sensitivity. You will find that both these behaviors stop completely when you remove the pressure from her tongue. Some Mylers will give better tongue relief than most other bits, but for a lot of horses it still isn't quite enough.

You definitely do not need a stronger bit with your mare, you will find that the stronger the bit, the more upset and resistant she will become. Where ever we find bitting problems, it is almost always because the current bit is too strong for the horse, and sometimes, like with your mare, the pressure needs to be moved to a different part of the horse's mouth.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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