Leans, pulls down and is unhappy in every bit I've tried!

My horse is fine in a hackamore, but in ANY bit (and I've tried dozens), he leans, pulls down, refuses to carry himself, stops listening completely and just becomes generally belligerent! His teeth and saddle fit are fine. I'm happy with the hackamore for the most part, but would like the option of a bit too. Any suggestions?

Laura :)

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Hi Laura,

Have you had a physio or chiro check him over? Especially his jaw? Having the same reaction to many different bits can mean that there is something physically going on.

Have you ever tried any of our ported bits? Pulling down especially is a sign that the horse is uncomfortable with tongue pressure. If you haven't tried our ported bits, I recommend trying the Loose Ring Happy Tongue on him. This will remove all the pressure from his tongue, and as long as there isn't something else going on, this should make a big difference to the way he reacts to the bit.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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