Dressage legal bit for a mouthy horse?


I am based in South Africa. I have a fairly strong Tb gelding who I ma schooling up to elementary level at the moment. I'm struggling to keep him together and collected as he is a strong horse (just by muscle).

I tried him in a dressage control plate hanging cheek and elliptical hanging cheek, both of which he hated!

He fidgets a lot in the bit. I rode him in a french link loose ring which he played with all the time.

I need to return the elliptical and trade it in for something else. What do you suggest?


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Hi Tammy,

Your horse not liking the Dressage Control Plate or the Elliptical suggests that he doesn't like tongue pressure. Both of these bits will use mainly tongue pressure.

His fidgeting could also be a sensitivity to metal.

I suggest trying him first in a Loose Ring Ultra Comfy Lock Up. This will greatly reduce the pressure on his tongue. I am suggesting a metal bit first, over a synthetic, because I think it could be more the tongue pressure that is worrying him than a sensitivity to metal, if he is still fussing a lot with the Ultra Comfy Lock Up, then we would go to the Flexible Mullen, which spreads the pressure out very evenly over the mouth, but is not returnable because it can be damaged by the horse's teeth.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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