Bit for very sensitive gelding with a parrot mouth.

Hi Claire

I have another horse - a thb gelding.

He has a mild parrot mouth but nothing too severe.

We are really battling with the jumping. He throws his head in the air so badly that he just flattens through the jumps and knocks them down.

It is really frustrating. I am sure the issue is the bit. I have been schooling in in a pee-wee but today he started throwing his head again and snatching the reins.

Any thoughts on this? He can get a little strong in jumping but this could be a schooling thing which will improve over time.


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Hi Tammy,

The mild parrot mouth means we will need to keep his bit on the thinner side, as he won't have a lot of room in his mouth.

He is showing signs of not like pressure on his tongue. The Pee-Wee is quite a strong bit, but it doesn't create a pressure point on the tongue, which is why some tongue sensitive horses will go better in it. It's not actually relieving any tongue pressure though, which is why he has decided that he's had enough of it.

I suggest a Happy Tongue mouth piece for him The Happy Tongue will remove the pressure from his tongue, which will stop him throwing his head and yanking on the reins. You will find that he will relax into the contact, and his jump will become round instead of flattening out.

I would prefer to suggest a Loose Ring, because we don't want to add too much external pressure, but if you feel you need a little more we could go to a 2½ Ring, which will allow you to add just a little more leverage and poll pressure by dropping your rein to the bottom ring, when needed.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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