15hh 6yr old Connemara, will not steady up when jumping head goes up before the jump then snatches after, works in an outline on flat except when going from trot to canter,he's in a ns turtle top universal,shakes his head sometimes when turning while jump

6yr Connemara 15hh

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Hi Jean,

Your horse is showing signs of not being comfortable with tongue pressure. The NS Turtle Top will not create as much tongue pressure as a standard double jointed bit, but it is not relieving any of the tongue pressure either.

We need to remove the pressure from his tongue, I also believe he would go better in a plain loose ring. We want to add as little pressure as possible with him, as he seems quite sensitive.

I recommend a Loose Ring Bomber Blue for him. The Bomber Blue will relieve the pressure on his tongue via the low, wide port. The port is designed to sit comfortable between the palate and the tongue.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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