Showjumping bit for warmblood

I use a single jointed pelham with roundings and one rein. I feel that I need a bit more whoa after a fence to get him on his hocks and send him forwards again in my hands. He can pull down after a fence. I like the pelham as it's good for turning. I school him in a lozenge pelham but once speed increases I have less control and he can snatch down. He could do with his nose to come in slightly and maybe head down a touch but he doesn't carry head high.

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Hi Jenny,

It is the tongue pressure of the lozenge that causes him to snatch down. The Snaffle doesn't create as much tongue pressure as the lozenge, which is why he is better in it, but he is still resisting the mouth piece.

I recommend the McHardy mouth piece for him. The McHardy has a port which will relieve most of the pressure on his tongue, while the roller will ask him to bring his nose in a little.

We can make a Pelham McHardy for you.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
Great can you send me a price for this bit to be made. Thank you - Jenny 2 years ago
Hi Jenny, Please would you send me your email address, as well as let me know where you are based. I can then either quote you or direct you to your nearest retailer. Regards, Claire@Bombers - Claire @ Bombers 2 years ago
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