Hello I have an 8 year old mate I jump I ride in a 3 piece snaffle that tends to lug down on me where I feel like I want to elevate her . I don't have s problem with her being overly strong . When she was young she was bad about over flexing behind verticle. She is a well schooled hprse and I need something to help with balancing her up to not be low and luddy what do you recommend

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Hi Kristin,

Coming behind the vertical is a sign that the horse is finding the bit to be too strong for them. She is objecting to the tongue pressure that a 3 piece bit mainly uses. Some horses are very uncomfortable with tongue pressure. There are quite a few signs of tongue sensitivity, one of them is leaning heavily on the bit in an attempt to ignore the pressure.i

I recommend a Loose Ring Bomber Blue for your mare. The Bomber Blue has a low, wide port, designed to give maximum tongue relief, while not bringing the palate into play.

As your mare is on the more sensitive side, it is better to say with Loose Rings, rather than add extra external pressures.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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