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Always ridden my ID mare in a NS Verbindend lose ring snaffle however she leans on it quite a bit and can head toss. Just got a Bomber lose ring happy tongue on trial she does seem to go well in it no head tossing as yet but only 2nd time. Her head carriage is better she doesn't lean as yet however when I was out hacking today and had a canter I found she threw her head up a little and ran through it a bit and occasionally yanked the reins hard down when walking along. Do you think she will get better the more I use it

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Hi Di,

I'm happy to hear that your mare is happier in the Happy Tongue!

Please would you have a look at how the Happy Tongue sits in her mouth. The flat edges should sit comfortably on her bars. We sometimes see horses that have a very narrow bottom jaw, and the port ends up going over the bars. These horses need a Narrow Happy Tongue to fit correctly.

If the fit is good, I would give the bit another 10 rides, by that time she should be completely used to the bit, and if she is still yanking then we will need to look for an alternative. I also suggest having a chiro or physio have a look at her, just to ensure that there isn't anything else that could be bothering her.

The Happy Tongue is a very different shape, and therefore has a very different feel to what most horses are used to, some of them will take a little longer to settle down completely.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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