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Hello I recently trialed your Bomber Happy Tongue on my ID Mare she went very well in it a lot lighter in the hand and didn't lean like she does in other bits. Unfortunately though she did throw her head in the air on a few occasions in it especially in the canter(doesn't in other bits) and I had to stop using as her mouth kept bleeding slightly in it I noticed she had a grazed tongue more on one side after using it over a 3 week period. Wondered if anyone else had any issues as the bit it self was the best ive ridden her in apart from that

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Hi Di,

We have recently discovered a new conformation issue, we are finding more and more horses that have a narrow bottom jaw. This effects how the standard Happy Tongue fits. The Happy Tongue was designed to give maximum tongue relief, while also having a flat part on the sides that sits comfortably on the bars. With horses that have a narrow bottom jaw, the standard Happy Tongue port is too wide and it sometimes goes over to the outside of the bars. This is what cause the head throwing, and discomfort.

We are now making a Happy Tongue Narrow, which has a narrower port, we are compromising somewhat on tongue relief, but we have to balance that against the horses comfort.

Please have a look in your horse's mouth, under the tongue. If the distance between the bars is less than 4cm, he has a narrow bottom jaw, in which case he will need a Narrow Happy Tongue.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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