Bit recommendation for 5 yr old Boerperd Cross Friesian chewing on bit and pushing it out?

We have a 5 year old Boerperd cross Friesian gelding which will be backed soon. We have a loose ring snaffle bit for him and whenever we put the bridle on him, he chews the bit like crazy and gapes his mouth open the whole time, as if trying to push the bit out. I have removed the noseband of his bridle as I don’t want to tie his mouth closed, when he clearly seems very unhappy about the bit. Is this a normal reaction for a horse that isn’t used to a bit?

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We would recommend the happy tongue loose ring bit initially. This bit reduces tongue pressure and is very soft and the sweet iron encourages salivation thus making it more easily accepted by the horses. You are doing the right thing by removing the noseband as this simply adds more pressure. However, you may find that you will need to progress to either the control plate or the elliptical loose ring.

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