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I have a 6yo mare who is very light in the hand and inconsistent in the contact. Skipper is currently in a simple lozenge loose ring snaffle. She's schooled regularly and I have lessons and we have tried all sorts of exercises to get her to step through and take the contact forward however she almost always reverts back within a week. She's also very sensitive in the mouth and especially on the left contact in which the slightest contact has in the past got me decked(this however doesn't happen often) ! She's had a full MOT saddle checked/physio/dentist etc so i know there's nothing wrong with her physically. I was looking at the lock up ultra comfy snaffle and wondered what you would suggest or whether you think this could work for her?

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Hi Charlotte,

It is the tongue pressure that Skipper is backing away from. The Ultra Comfy Lock Up is a very good choice for her. This bit will remove most of the pressure from her tongue, what little is left is well spread out, so that there is no pressure point on her tongue.

I would stay with simple Loose Rings, especially with the more sensitive horses, we want to add as little extra pressures as we can.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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