Throwing head and pushing nose out not staying behind the bit

I have a barrel horse that hasn't liked any bit that I have tried on him. He throws his head up and will push on the bit. He has trouble breaking at the poll and staying behind the bit. The most comfortable he has been in is a medium ported shank bit. A lot of the times the bits will pinch the sides of his mouth also which makes things more difficult. Can you recommend a bit that will help with these problems? Thanks!

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Hi Leslie,

It sounds as though your horse could be tongue sensitive, this is frequently where head tossing comes from, provided that his teeth, neck and back have been checked to ensure that there isn't anything else that is bothering him.

With sensitive lips that are easily pinched, it is a good idea to go with a fixed cheek piece over a loose ring type. This does have the disadvantage of giving a slow release from pressure though.

I recommend a Stockman Short Ported Barrel for him. The Ported Barrel will remove the pressure from his tongue, he will then be able to accept the contact without throwing his head, or pushing against the bit.

The Stockman Short will give you some poll pressure and leverage on the mouth piece, it is a fixed cheek piece which will prevent any pinching of his lips.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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