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We have a 6yo TB who came to us from racing 9 months ago. He came in a KK Ultra loose ring. But he pulls hard and is diffilcult to turn right. He has fleshy lips that split easily. We ride him in a single joint rubber eggbutt for dressage that he likes but need something for SJ/XC. We tried a loose ring happy tongue but he hangs his tongue out and keeps flicking his head (like a nervous flinch). We tried a eggbut snaffle with a copy roller but he didnt like tongue pressure. He likes a waterford but this split his lips. A myler comfort split his lip and made him jump violently left. Help !

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Hi Cala,

I seems to prefer a bit that distributes the pressure evenly over his mouth, instead of creating a pressure point in one area.

We have recently change the design of our Waterfords, so that they sit better against the horses' lips, I will attached a photo here for you. I think that this new design will suit him very well.

For the cheek piece, taking into account his sensitive lips, and his difficulty in turning, I recommend a Fulmer Loose Ring. This cheek piece backs up the turning aids, as it is fixed where the cheek piece meets the mouth pieces, it will not pinch his lips at all. The loose ring where the rein attaches will still give a fast release from pressure.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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