High-headed, hard mouthed OTTB eventer

Looking for suggestions for my 10 yr old OTTB eventer. He gets high-headed and strong when jumping. He doesn't pull and he's not heavy on the hand, but he has a tendency to revert back to his racing training and balance on the bit and run! He's not soft-mouthed and he's not fussy mouthed either. He does have a senstive poll. I'm guessing I should be looking at the yellow color bits? It would be great if I could use the same thing in all 3 rings, but I'm mainly looking for a SJ and XC bit. Teeth are fine. I've always used double jointed bits and loose or eggbutt cheeks.

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Hi Candice,

The double jointed bits you have been using are likely very similar to the yellow category bits, he probably isn't going to be much better in any of these as they are too close to what you have been using.

The 3 piece bits use mainly tongue pressure to communicate with the horse. I suggest we move the pressure more to his bars, instead of it being mainly on his tongue.

I recommend the Ported Barrel. Under most associations the Ported Barrel is legal for Dressage, but I recommend checking with your association, just to be sure. The Ported Barrel removes pressure from the tongue, placing it mostly onto the bars. When his head gets high, it is a reaction to the tongue pressure, removing the tongue pressure will stop him from wanting to carry his head too high.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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