Bit for a strong but sensitive mare

My mare is 8 years old, previously a racehorse and then a broodmare and now a showjumper. I'm battling to find a bit that works for her. She's in a bombers happy tongue however she is towing me around and if I do think about half halting or trying to slow her how she puts her head down and leans on the bit and then if I do touch the reins she turns into a giraffe that sticks its tongue out. So I assume she's tongue sensitive. She is a VERY wide which makes her extremely strong therefore I don't want to be harder with my hands and ruin her mouth.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated.



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Hi Shannon,

Please would you have a look inside her mouth when you have her bridle on, and check if the flat sides are sitting properly on her bars. I suspect that you will find that she has a narrow bottom jaw, and the port is too wide for her.

We will need to take this confirmation into account, and either look at a narrower port, or a mouth piece that spreads the pressure more evenly over the mouth.

Before making a recommendation, I will wait to hear back from you regarding how the Happy Tongue is fitting.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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