Grinding teeth and tilting head to one side

Hi Clair

I Have a 9 yr old gelding off the track that am training up for polocrosse, am currently just using a loose ring snaffle,
but wanted to ask what bit you would suggest I try for him as he grinds his teeth in the front it seems and chewing on the bit while exposing all his front teeth with mouth slightly open and nose out a little and tilts his head to one Side mainly to the left.

teeth have been done etc

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Hi Vanessa,

I'm glad to hear you've had him checked over, if something else is bothering him, then the bit won't make a huge change.

The Snaffle creates a lot of squeezing pressure on the bars, which not a lot of horse's will accept well. I recommend a Loose Ring Lock Up for him. The Lock Up will spread the pressure evenly over his mouth, eliminating the nut cracker action of the Snaffle. This will allow him to accept the pressure far better.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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