Pony has a very fat tongue.

My 12yr old daughter's pony made has a very fat tongue she also tries to get her tongue over the bit and if this doesn't work she will cross her jaw.
She is lovely in walk but faster paces she just pokes her nose in the air and doesn't listen. She is ridden in a full cheek snaffle or a hackamore, but she has no steering to talk of in faster paces in the hackamore. Dentist say's she has an abnormally fat tongue.

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Hi Fiona,

Your daughter's pony is showing signs of tongue sensitivity.

We can stay with the Fulmer to improve steering, but I suggest going to the Fulmer Loose Ring over the standard Fulmer because the Fulmer Loose Ring has a faster release.

For the mouth piece we need to select a bit that will remove the pressure from the pony's tongue. A Happy Tongue would work well for her, this will remove virtually all the pressure from her tongue, which will allow her to go into the contact instead of trying to get away from the contact.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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