What type of bit should I buy?

Hi I have a very large Warmblood X gelding (normally around a 6" bit size) who I am looking to bit for hunting. I normally ride in a Happy Mouth straight bar as he seems to hate the steel bits and chomps down hard and grinds when I put steel bits in his mouth. With a Happy Mouth (the vulcanite mouthpiece) I find he is much more settled, but starts snatching at the reins as soon as I get on. He has been a bit funny in his mouth since he was broken in but is normally fairly soft mouthed and if anything tends to hang behind the bit. However, when I go hunting he bears down on the bit to the point my arms are aching and his mouth/lips start to bleed. I can normally control him, but it is not pleasant and obviously he's not enjoying it either if that is the end result to his mouth. The dentist tells me his mouth is fine, normal and no problems. I have tried a Waterford (no marked difference), a pelham (horrendous, he stag leaped in the air and sucked behind), a Dutch gag (no marked difference). I believe I need a soft metaled bit as he is definitely a fan of the vulcanite, but something (without the chain of the pelham) which will help with the bearing down when he is wanting to run. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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Hi Lisa,

What mouth pieces did the Pelham and Dutch Gag you tired have?

The most important part of the bit, to the horse, is the mouth piece and where it places pressure in the mouth, the cheek piece adds to this, but it is not the first consideration.

The bumps on the Happy Mouth will create individual pressure points, when your horse gets excited and the environmental pressure is raised, these bumps start to worry him. We often see horses bearing down on the a bit when they are unhappy with the pressure in an attempt to numb it.

Bearing in mind that I am not sure what other mouth pieces you have tried, my first instinct is to suggest the Bomber Blue. This bit is made from a nylon composite, this will work well with his dislike of metal. The Bomber Blue is also ported to relief tongue pressure, I believe it is the tongue pressure that he is trying to get away from.

For cheek piece, the Williams would work well. The large, solid cheek piece backs up the turning aids, it also acts very quickly because of the curved bar that the mouth piece is on. It will also release very quickly for the same reason.


Claire @ Bombers
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