Heavy on hands

Currently riding in a french link eggbutt and also tried a loose ring french link, but when flatwork schooling my tb gelding gets really heavy on my hands and relies on me heaps,and I am struggling to get him to therefore work up and into a frame as he is just leaning so much that I can't get him off the forehand. He reacts the same to the loose ring vs eggbutt french link.

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Hi Sarah,

Before I get into recommending a different bit, have you have his teeth, neck and back checked over? If there is anything else that is worrying him, the bit won't make a huge difference.

Having said that though, the French Link uses mostly tongue pressure, which some horses are not comfortable with. I suggest we rather spread the pressure out over this mouth, instead of creating a pressure point in one area. The Loose Ring Lock Up spreads the pressure out very evenly over the mouth. As he feels more comfortable, he will stop leaning down on the bit.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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