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Hi, I've got a tb gelding ridden in an eggbutt french link, back teeth etc all been checked and no matter what I do he just does not like the contact and won't work into it even if he's moving forward. He's got a parrot mouth, and opens his mouth to evade the bit when ridden without a flash noseband. Can be quite heavy in the hands occasionally

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Hi Kate,

The French Link uses mostly tongue pressure, this is what your horse is objecting to. No mater how soft the hands on the reins are, if a horse is uncomfortable with where pressure is being placed in the mouth, they will object to the contact.

We need to take the pressure off his tongue for him to be comfortable going into the contact.

I recommend a Loose Ring Ported Barrel for him, this will take the pressure off his tongue, which will allow him to go into the contact, you will also find that you won't need the flash anymore, as he won't have a reason to open his mouth, because he will be comfortable.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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