I have a sensitive polo pony with a very light mouth and I have light hands she was going in a copper gag which is pretty soft but which she was shaking her head in ... i changed ....what i thought was down severity to a rubber pelham and she hated it ... so a gag that takes all pressure off or a snaffle ? Ideas please ...Thanks

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Hi Ba,

The Pelham with the rubber mullen mouth piece is actually quite strong, especially is the rubber mullen has little to no flex in it. The Pelham would also have introduced curb pressure, which would probably have been too much for her.

Horses with soft mouths often react very well to removing the pressure from the tongue. I recommend a Polo 3 Ring Happy Tongue for her. We prefer to recommend the 3 Ring because it uses the same pressures as the Big Ring Gag, but it does not lift the bit in the horses mouth, as the Gag does. The Happy Tongue mouth piece will take the pressure off her tongue, which will eliminate the head shaking.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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