My boy is a forward sensitive excitable guy. He has a low palate. Chomping, gaping, and chewing at the bit. His normal carriage is up and out. He objects to continuous pressure. And has now started to pull his head down if he is rushing and I am asking him to slow down. He is currently in a Myler tilted low port 3 ring combination bit. I was thinking besides a new bit for him the BT Hackamore. Excited to get your thoughts. Thank you for your time, much appreciated

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Hi Molly,

Thank you for your question!

The Myler 3 Ring Combination is a pretty strong bitting set up, I am sure that we can get much better results by going a lot softer with the bit. As horses are an animal of flight, they will run away from discomfort, which often makes the very sensitive horses appear very strong.

Horse will start to yank down when they become very unhappy with the pressure. Have you ever tried him in a bit that gives more tongue relief? If not, I suggest trying our Happy Tongue, this mouth piece remove almost all of the pressure from the horses' tongue. For cheek piece, I suggest a Williams. This cheek piece is fast to act, but it also releases very quickly.

We don't recommend a hackamore very often, as they are often over and mis-used. We will go to a hackamore if the horse truly will not accept a bit.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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