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I am looking for advice on my pony for a bit that isn't strong, but has breaks when needed;

I would like a bit for;

Flatwork: he gets his tongue over the bit, also whilst doing easier work he tosses his head.
Hacking alone (faster): tongue over the bit, head shaking and tossing.
Hacking Group (faster): tongue over the bit, head shaking, can be hard to stop.
Road work: leans on bit l, tongue over the bit, head shaking
Galloping Alone: tongue over the bit
Galloping group: tongue over the bit, can become harder to stop
Cross country: tongue over the bit, Can become opinionated, stronger and feisty.
Show Jumping: tongue over the bit, needs to wait for the fence and sit on his hocks more, oppinionted and feisty.

He's currently ridden for everything apart from flat work in a Tranz Angled Neue Schule Universal Gag, road work in Tranz Angled Beval, and flat work in Tranz Angled Snaffle

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Hi Caitlin,

Thank you for your detailed question!!

Your horse is sensitive to tongue pressure, all his resistances are attempts to remove the pressure from his tongue.

I recommend a Ported Barrel mouth piece for him. The Ported Barrel will give tongue relief, while still allowing independent lateral aids.

For the cheek piece, I recommend staying with a Loose Ring for your flat work, and looking at a 2½ Ring for everything else. We don't want to add too much leverage to the mouth piece, he has a fairly sensitive mouth, it is more important to get a mouth piece that he is comfortable with.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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