Need dressage legal bit the horse will better in.

Draft Cross (thick tongue?) shakes head, head either up or below bit in various French Link bits. Has stuck tongue over bit. Better with flash on. Does better with an Argentine short shank snaffle with copper rollers --- but that bit is not dressage legal.
As far as dressage legal bits: I may have been sucked in to believing that the French Link is the only way to go. Looking at your Fulmer Loose Ring Lock-up. Horse mouth size is 5-1/2" (140mm). I did not see this at any of your U.S. Distributors. Do I ask a U.S. Distributor to order from you or do I order from you directly? (Also have tried a Myler, dressage legal size, ported tongue relief bit -- not much success.)

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Hi Nancy,

We have recently heard that the USEF does not allow the Lock Up unfortunately. We do have many other choices though. The USEF does allow quite a few ported bits, and although you have tried some before, I do believe we need to go with tongue relief. The signs your horse is showing all relate to tongue pressure.

I recommend a Loose Ring Happy Tongue for your horse, this is Dressage legal, under both the USEF and the FEI. It will give your horse very good tongue relief, which will stop the head shaking and trying to get his tongue over the bit, simply because he is more comfortable and therefore will not want to resist.

Please would you contact one of our retailers to order for you, we have regular shipments going to the USA, if they do not have the bit in stock, they will order it for you.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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