Which bit would you recommend?

Hi Bomber I would like to order the 3 ring Bomber Blue bit from you for my percheron mare. It needs to be 165mm (6.5inches). My other mare is going beautifully in the other bit I got from you last year - it was a 2.5 ring lock up and she is very happy in it. It has helped a lot with her pulling her head down and in fact she does not do that at all anymore. She is now being ridden by a complete novice who has learned to ride on her and they get on beautifully. The mare I am getting the 3 ring for is a youngster and is in a KK at the moment, but like the Percheron, she does not seem to like the nut cracker action and the pinching on the lips. She just goes where she wants if she feels like it and I am concerned that the "fighting" will cause too much resistance and hurt her lips and I don't want to end up with problems as she is such a lovely horse. She is an incredibly strong horse so it can be quite intimidating when she does her own thing. Both horses seem to respond better when there is poll pressure involved as well. Every horse I have had has gone so well once they have been changed to your bits.

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Thanks for your inquiry, it is good to hear that the bits are working well for you.
The biggest bomber blue we can make is 160mm, therefore we may have to make a sweet iron happy tongue which we can make 165mm.
Rather than the 3 ring we would recommend the Williams cheek piece, however, perhaps you could try the lock-up 2.5 ring and let us know how she goes in that.
The Williams is great for encouraging flexing and has the option of creating poll pressure by placing the reins on the lower ring.

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