Evades bit by dropping behind the vertical

Hello! I have a 6 yr old hanoverian that has a strong tendency to drop behind the vertical to evade even the slightest rein pressure. He is large (17.3) but doesn't have a huge head/mouth. I have tried a 3 piece D ring with center lozenge which he does not love. I suspect it's too thick and heavy on his tongue. I tried a Myler D ring level 1 with a center barrel and he seemed a bit better in it, but I am not 100% satisfied it's the right bit. He also gapes his mouth with increased rein pressure. After a bit of research I wonder if something ported would be better? We show in the hunters, so I'd prefer something in a D ring. Any suggestions?

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Hi Kelly,

We make all of our ported mouth piece in the Dee ring. I agree, looking at a ported mouth piece for your horse is a good idea. He is showing signs of being tongue sensitive, I don't the the bit you are currently using allows for enough tongue relief for him.

Please have a look at our Ported Barrel, this mouth piece gives very good tongue relief while still allowing individual lateral aids. Once the tongue pressure is removed, you will find that he is far more willing to go into the contact.


Claire @ Bombers
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Thank you! I have purchased the ported barrel D ring and my horse seems to like it MUCH better, and is going lovely in it. Your advice is much appreciated!

Kelly Wilson
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This is the actual one I got! - Kelly Wilson one year 1
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