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My horse was in a dressage control plate and went amazingly. But now I've found out it's no longer legal. :( He doesn't go well in a French link (open mouth) or an elliptical (head in the air) . I've also tried a barrel roller and he was going slightly behind the vertical.
What would you recommend for him?

Also, I'm looking at changing cheeks. He is in a loose ring but although he didn't like the French link - it was a D ring - and he was flexing a lot better sideways. I am considering a fulmer? In the loose ring he would sometimes ignore turning aids and the bit would just pull though his mouth a bit - where the D ring didn't allow that.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Hi Lisa,

The Dressage Control Plate was removed from the list of legal bits for a time, but we have just received confirmation from the FEI that it is again legal. You will again be able to use a bit that your horse is comfortable in!

As for the cheek pieces, a Fulmer is very good for backing up the turning aids, and the bit definitely will not pull through the mouth!

I suggest looking at the Fulmer Loose Ring, this one has the advantage of still giving a fast release from pressure.


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