proper bit for a soft mouthed 5 gaited ASB

Dental work and Chiropractic adjustments done recently with no abnormalities. We have a 5 yr old ASB gelding that is 5 gaited. He is a very soft mouthed horse that at times will not engage on the bits correctly when asked to slow gait or rack. When he does, sometimes the slightest joggle on the reins causes him to disengage and he will short stride or become right handed. We have a standard snaffle and a swivel polo which is similar to your Irene swivel mouthpiece on the double bridle. The horse has recently passed lameness exams with no findings. We feel these issues are mouth related (bitting). Any recommendations that you have would be greatly appreciated if you have a bit in stock to recommend. Regards, Curtis

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Hi Curtis,

It sounds as though your horse is finding the bits to be too strong for him. Have you tried a Lock Up mouth piece as your bridoon? This mouth piece is much softer than the Snaffle as it doesn't create the squeezing pressure on the bars that the Snaffle does. This would be my first recommendation.

For the Weymouth, I recommend looking at the Bomber Blue, this mouth piece has a wider port, which will give more tongue relief. The mouth piece is also on the thicker side, which I think your horse will appreciate.


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