Flapping Lips

Is there a bit that could be suitable for my horse who has bad habit of flapping his lips? He is also very strong so it needs to be strongish too...
He is not sore. He has really good teeth and I have spent months working on getting him to listen and all of that but he still doesn't stop very well. No haters please!

Posted in General, asked by Prue Carleton-Carlos, 2 years ago. 442 hits.


Hi Prue,

Please would you send through photos of the bit you are currently using. Lip flapping is normally a sign of tension. Moving the pressure to a different area in the mouth can have a huge difference in how the horse responds to the bit.

Knowing his response to his current bit, and exactly what bit that is, will allow us to make a recommendation on where to move the pressure, to make him more comfortable.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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