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I'm really struggling to get a bit for my horse I've tried lots of bits and she hasn't excepted any but I've put in her. She's 6 now Irish mare. She throughs her head up and down with her tounge hanging out she's currently in a myler eggbutt Mb 33 with hooks and still not happy can you suggest one of yours ?

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Hi Hannah,

Your mare definitely shows signs of being tongue sensitive. The hooks on the current bit you are using could be creating too much poll pressure and leverage on the mouth piece. I think we need just a plain loose ring for her. The less pressure we add, the happier she is going to be.

For the mouth piece, I recommend an Ultra Comfy Lock Up. The Ultra is double locked so that it does not fold backwards or downwards, this soften the bit, it is also curved and angled to follow the shape of the horse's mouth, further softening the pressure and reducing tongue pressure.

I believe your mare could be narrow in the lower jaw, and that is why her current bit isn't working perfectly for her. The Ultra Comfy Lock Up will sit well in her mouth even if she does have a narrow lower jaw.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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