Horse constantly mouthing

I have a 6yr old Irish draught mare currently in a happy tongue loose ring. My problem is she constantly mouths the bit. Opening & closing her mouth as a young foal would do to another horse. If I use a flash or drop nosebands she violently puts her head up to evade. I've tried her in French link, hanging cheek, straight bar happy mouth & single jointed bits. She was worst in the happy mouth, putting her head up & having no control whatsoever. She also shakes her head in the other bits. I've found her the most settled in the happy tongue but she's still constantly mouthing & is also very dry mouthed. I would prefer to keep her in something that is British dressage legal.
Thanks in advance for any information

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Hi Lisa,

The constant mouthing is often a sign that the horse doesn't like the taste of metal, in which case the Bomber Blue would be a better choice for your mare because it is made from a nylon composite. This material is very well accepted by horses that don't like metal.

As of this year, the Bomber Blue is now FEI Dressage legal, I am sure the BD will follow the same rules as the FEI.

In the Bomber Blue she should start to salivate and have a more moist mouth, because she will be more accepting of the bit.


Claire @ Bombers
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