Bit for super hot but very sensitive endurance mare

My endurance Mare is very hot and loves to run and pull on the reins. (especially when heading home lol) she used to carry her head high and tugged, I put a running martingale on her now its at least down but rolls up on the chest and occasionally pushes down on the bit but if I pull her to hard she overreacts and throws her head up and freaks out. I ride her in a straight rubber bit with no metal inside. also from constantly pulling she rubs her mouth. She almost feels better in an Arabian S-bit (bitless) but this also causes a bump on her nose after several km's.

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Hi Kordula,

Have you had her neck, back and teeth checked? If something else is bothering her, then the bit won't make very much difference.

Horses that are sensitive in the often do very well bitless, but it is often not ideal, and not legal for a large variety of disciplines.

The Rubber Mullen can also be quite strong, it is a a lot of pressure over the whole mouth at one time, these bits are often also very thick, which some horses find uncomfortable because they cannot close their mouth properly.

I recommend a 2½ Ported Barrel for her. This will move the pressure onto her bars mainly, which will stop the head throwing. Once she accepts the pressure of the bit, she won't panic when you take up the reins.


Claire @ Bombers
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