Is your loose ring elliptical snaffle accepted for dressage?

I am at present riding my (very finely built, not stocky) Boerperd 15.3hh mare in a 5" loose ring bit with sweet iron mouthpiece and a brass elliptical link. I am told this is not OK for dressage because it uses 3 different metals. Is your loose ring elliptical snaffle accepted for dressage. It is only for the very basic classes as she is very novice. Also, how much stronger is the " Loose Ring Barrel 30 " to the elliptical link snaffle? Originally when I bought her she was very scared of anything in her mouth and hated any bit so ended up with a Myler bit with more pressure on the nose than on the mouth which she seemed to be happiest in and I could hold her, as she is quite strong!. Since then I have gradually got her into my old vulcanite pelham and now into the elliptical snaffle for schooling but still find she hacks out best in the pelham but with a very very loose curb. Hence wondering about the Loose Ring Barrel, so comments very welcome.

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We would like you to measure your horse’s mouth as we feel 5” could be too small.

We believe your horse has a sensitive tongue, and for hacking out the Williams bomber blue would be the best bet to give tongue relief.
For dressage, the rules do not allow for mouth pieces that give tongue relief so the lock-up loose ring would be the best bet.

The elliptical puts pressure on the tongue. While the barrel is better than the elliptical, it still puts pressure on the tongue.

By using a dowel you can insert it into the horse's mouth and mark each side with a pen and then measure.

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