warmblood soft and senstive but occasionally when jumping pulls head down and runs to jumps

My Warmblood is very forward going, but very light on the bit and a very sensitive horse. But occasionally when jumping just pulls down his head and run towards jumps (leaning on the bit). at the moment I am riding him in a straight rubber bit with no metal inside. I tried the loose ring Mullen on him recently (from a friend) and I seemed to have more control when he tries to put his head down. Just worried this bit might be too strong for him? Just want to figure out how harsh this bit actually is?

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Hi Kordula,

The Mullen is a very strong mouth piece, because it use a lot of pressure over all the structures of the mouth at the same time.

When a horse pulls down, it is most often a sign that the horse is sensitive to tongue pressure. They pull down in an attempt to remove the pressure on the reins.

I recommend trying him in the Happy Tongue, which will remove the pressure from his tongue, this should stop the pulling down as he will no longer have a reason to do it.


Claire @ Bombers
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