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Hi there,
I've been recommended the lock up snaffle for my horse that is currently ridden in a loose ring french link. He doesn't work consistently in the contact and bobs his head and trys to open his mouth and when I try to bring him to a halt he leans on my hands and sticks his head down. Would this be the right bit for him? and if so what size would you recommend, his current loose ring french link is a 125mm
Thanks, Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

The Lock Up will work a lot better for your horse than the French Link. The French Link uses mostly tongue pressure, and it is this pressure that your horse is objecting to. The Lock Up spreads the pressure evenly over the mouth, it does provide tongue relief, but it does not create a pressure point on the tongue either.

You may find that he will need more tongue relief than the Lock-Up provides, in which case I would suggest going to a Loose Ring Ported Barrel to give him more relief from tongue pressure.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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