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I have a 12 year THB competing in dressage .He can get quite hot .I use an loose ring epilitical link KK ultra snaffle
Dressage :Constantly mouthing and have a resisting jaw poke nose out when there is slight rein pressure . (Loose rein perfectly fine).He is also not always in a consistent contact.He gets anxious he will start snatching on the bit.

I recently used an eggbut french link snaffle and the contact was more consistent ,and the mouthing is better but still occur at times when ask for halts and in the canter .It feels like he was much more comfortable taking the contact but can get heavy in my hands at times .

Any suggestions for a more suitable bit for him
Thanks alot

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Hi Desi,

It sounds to me as though he is sensitive to tongue pressure. Both the KK and the French Link will use tongue pressure to some degree.

I recommend the Loose Ring Ultra Comfy Lock Up for him. The Ultra Comfy Lock Up is double locked so that it cannot fold downwards or backwards, this means that it retains its shape in the horse’s mouth, and it eliminates any nut cracker action.  The mouth piece is also angled on the sides, so that it goes up and over the tongue, this greatly reduces tongue pressure. 


Claire @ Bombers
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