Comfort for my horse, control for me during game

I have a 8 yr old Aust. Stock horse mare who I compete in stock horse challenges & play polocrosse on. When I bought her 2 years ago she was ridden and played in a gag. After a lot of schooling I now ride and play her in a loose ring sweet iron snaffle. During challenges she is soft and supple, yet in games I find her still a bit strong. She has always crossed her jaw, opened her mouth & shaken her head when we have to stand and wait. I have tried loose ring snaffle, eggbutt snaffle, oval link in both loose & eggbutt, myler level one in both loose ring and eggbutt and still she shakes her head. I have found she performs better with the sweet iron. She gets regular chiropractic & Bowen treatments and is up to date with her teeth. I was wondering what you would recommend that would provide comfort for her, yet control during a game for me. Thank you

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Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your detailed question!!

Your mare is showing signs of tongue sensitivity. That is why she is shaking her head. While the Myler will use less tongue pressure than the other bits you have tried, it won't actively remove pressure from the tongue.

I recommend a Loose Ring Ported Barrel for your mare. This will take the pressure off her tongue, which will stop her from needing to shake her head and open her mouth. She will be a lot more comfortable, and therefore responsive with the tongue relief.


Claire @ Bombers
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