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Hi I’m looking for advise on a bit for my warmblood x gelding. I have had him for a couple of months now, and when I bought him he came with a standard Dutch gag,but he constantly fought against the bit and shook his head. I have changed him to a neue schule universal and he is no better,he is a very strong horse when jumping, but avoids this bit by head shaking still,and locking his jaw and totally avoiding the contact.
Any advise would be very helpful as I’m stuck on what to try next.

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Hi Izzy,

Your horse has quite a sensitive mouth. The Dutch Gag Snaffle will create a lot of pinching on the bars, and the second bit you used would probably have used tongue pressure. Your horse is objecting to both these pressure.

I recommend a 2½ Ring Happy Tongue for him. This will eliminate any pinching on the bars, as well as the tongue pressure.


Claire @ Bombers
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