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I purchased the bits below from you last year just before pony champs. My sons mare is incredibly happy in them!!
He is trying out for the showing team this week, but apparently the bridoon is not allowed in showing.
We put her back into her old bridoon and she went back to tossing her head terribly.
It is a single jointed eggbut fixed bridoon.

The showing rule says:
All bits must have smooth mouthpieces.
Snaffles or bridoons must only have one ring on each side and one mouthpiece which may not be square, serrated, of wire, of chain or have rollers of any kind.
The sides of jointed mouthpieces must be of equal length.
Pelham or curb bits may only have a moderate port or simple joint in the centre.

Do you have any suggestions and would you be able to make one up for me and overnight it?

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Thanks for the enquiry, we can make both bits similar to the photos.

Usually we make the happy tongue Weymouth with a straight mouth piece but we can certainly make it curved.

1 x 14/10 Happy Tongue Weymouth 70mm lower shank 130mm width (we have guessed at the thickness of the mouth piece and the length of the lower shank)
1 x B14 bc45 D Bradoon (outside diameter of the rings approx. 48mm) 135mm

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