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Help! Having so much trouble getting a correct bit for my welsh D out hunting, ridden at home with one of your happy mouth full cheek bomber snaffle, which he loves for schooling and showjumping but out hunting he is so strong it’s unreal. Tried a Pelham and he hated the curb chain, currently in a Waterford Balding gag, which is okay but pinches him on the side of the mouth (even with robber rings on the side) although this helps with the leaning he still takes almighty pulls! He launches forward and down with his neck and head so believe he is avading the poll pressure, have tried a combination bit also with a ported mouth piece which he preferred in his mouth but no stopping control! Just need to sort it cause mid season and my back can’t take the pull anymore!

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Hi Tabitha,

Thank you for your question!

What mouth piece did the Pelham you tried have? Have you tried a Happy Tongue with a different cheek piece to the Fulmer?

As he goes so well in the Happy Tongue for everything else, that is the first place I would start, with a Happy Tongue mouth piece, and just a cheek piece that adds in some leverage on the mouth piece, as well as poll pressure.

The pulling down he is doing is probably not a reaction to poll pressure, but rather a reaction to tongue pressure. The Happy Tongue uses almost no tongue pressure, whereas the Waterford spreads the pressure out over the tongue, very different actions.

I recommend the Williams Happy Tongue for him. This cheek pieces takes and releases very quickly, which will help in the field. It also gives similar face pressure to the Fulmer, which helps with direction.


Claire @ Bombers
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