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16.3hh warmblood. measures for a 6"bit. short lipped. Consistently above the contact,gaps if not using hanoverian nose band or micklem bridle. Always chewing and fussing with his mouth. As soon as you pick up the reins, the head comes up. tongue sucks back and curls over at the same time. can get tongue over a jointed mullen bacher bit. Have tried single jointed, french links, rollers. Loose rings, d rings egg butts and bacher. NS verbindend was recommended by Bit Bank but not impressed. Need Australian dressage legal. I have been really focusing on my hands being soft and forward, elastic elbows, but really hard to do this when horse is constantly fidgeting

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Hi Shelley,

Your horse's tongue evasions tell us the he is trying to get away from any tongue pressure created by the bit. Most bit will create tongue pressure to some degree, for him we will need to go to a ported bit to remove the pressure.

I recommend a Loose Ring Bomber Blue for your horse. This bit eliminates almost all tongue pressure, it is made from a nylon composite, which makes it very light and great for horses that don't like metal. We chose the specific material because it is also warm, and encourages salivation.

The Loose Ring Bomber Blue is EA legal, you will find it in the new rule book.


Claire @ Bombers
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Thanks that's what I was leaning towards.

shelley guillot
one year 1
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