Bit for 4yo OTTB Eventer

Hi there,
I've recently purchased a 4yo OTTB to begin retraining as an eventer, so am looking for a bit that would aid in directional control as he tends to drift a lot. I've been riding him in my bomber lock up snaffle as he is tongue sensitive, however find him very heavy in the contact. What kind of bit would you recommend for all round riding for him as I begin his education as a sporthorse?


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Hi Gemma,

I think we need we need to go to less pressure for him, he will be less heavy in the contact with more pressure removed from his tongue. I recommend the Fulmer Loose Ring Ported Barrel for him.

The Fulmer Loose Ring will help with the directional control, and give a fast release from pressure, which will help him to learn faster.

The Ported Barrel will relieve the pressure on his tongue very well, but because it is hinged, and there is movement in the mouth piece, it will also help with turning.


Claire @ Bombers
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